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Learning Qt

I have been really impressed by the KDE desktop for quite a long time now and being myself a software engineer, I have decided to learn Qt programming.

My main problem here is that I am not fluent in C++, the truth is that I have been a J2EE programmer for the last 5 years and more. So my first concern is to refresh / complete my knowledge of C++. In order to do so, I have borrowed a copy of the excellent but quite difficult  book: “The C++ Programming Language” written by B. Stroustrup and started reading it.

In the XX paragraph I stumbled on a the calculator example: I found the algorithm interesting and decided to widen the scope of my Qt experiment the following way. I will first convert this algorithm in Java and Javascript, two languages that I know quite well. In each of these languages I will then write a Graphical User Interface on top of the algorithm using a well known toolkit: For the Javascript language, my choice will go to the excellent Ext JS toolkit, where for Java language I will use the classical Swing toolkit. As you can imagine my third implementation language will be C++ and the Qt toolkit for the GUI.

In the end, I hope I will have learned something in C++ and Qt, but more generally I also expect to learn something from the comparison of the three languages and toolkits used in my experiment. I will post thoughts, results, code … anything I find usefull on this experiment in the near future.

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