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A starting point …

I opened this blog some weeks ago not knowing what I was going to do with it … I just wanted to see what a blog is and how it works. Now that I have seen, I can say I am quite impressed with the tool and the functionalities provided: so I decided to give it a real try.

This blog will be about me, all the different things that interest me and have some kind of impact on my life: that’s as selfish as possible but also close enough to the primary meaning of my blog’s title. As far as I can see from this starting point the subjects addressed here should range from computer sciences to gold fishes with some stops on family, children, religion or politics.

I don’t really expect people to find anything interesting in my writing but I am also experimenting on the psychological benefits of sharing one’s own experience on a public and somehow anonymous media. However, if for some reason I get feedback from my posts … I will be pleased of course 🙂

Finally, I am not a native English speaker but I will mostly be writing in English to get the widest possible audience: so be kind, you who read me and forgive my mistakes.

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